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Day of Wedding Coordinator vs. Month of Wedding Coordinator – What’s the Difference?



Wedding Planning can be a daunting process, especially as you are probably not a wedding planning expert. You may feel overwhelmed with this new world of wedding planning you have been thrust into that includes a whole new vocabulary, never ending Pinterest boards, logistics you hadn’t even thought of, discovering what happens when and how much it all costs. One of the biggest current trends in wedding planning is hiring a Wedding Coordinator. A Coordinator can help relieve the stress and anxiety of planning your own wedding and ensure your day comes together perfectly.

You can generally find Coordinators that offer either Day of Coordination or Month of Coordination, some even offer both!


Day of Coordination often starts about two weeks prior to the wedding date. Contact is generally limited throughout those weeks. Some Day of Coordinators check in with you throughout your planning process. However, some do not, which is totally okay. You will always have a meeting or call to start the pass off process, so the Coordination team can prepare for your wedding day.

Most Day of Coordinators will create a simple, but comprehensive wedding day timeline for you and your vendors and send it out the week prior to the wedding. They will ensure your wedding vendors know to contact the Coordination team rather than you or the bridal party the day of the wedding.

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On the day of the wedding they will arrive about two hours prior to the ceremony start time to set up décor, ensure vendor arrivals, and manage any unforeseen surprises the day of the wedding. Some Day of Coordinators stay throughout the entire wedding until breakdown and some stay until all of the big events are done and guests are in full blown party mode. Either way, they ensure your personal décor, gifts, remaining alcohol, etc. will safely be sent home with your approved friend or family member and you get to run off to your honeymoon worry free!

Day of Coordinators generally do not manage final payments and you may need to review final payments, bar tabs, pass out gratuities, final checks or money orders, etc.


Your Month of Wedding Coordination starts about five to six weeks out from your wedding. You likely will have had contact with your coordinator about once a month to check in with your progress throughout your wedding planning. Most of coordinators will set a meeting or call to get the pass off process started.

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Once your Month of Coordination starts, your coordinator will review all of your vendor contracts, rental agreements, floor plans and more to ensure you have not missed any important details. They will also work on the day of timeline along with the floorplan for your ceremony and reception. You may already have some of these things done, however your coordinator is an expert and will likely revise some things based on their experience and knowledge.

About four weeks away from your wedding date your coordinator will reach out directly to your vendors. They will be asked to review the day of timeline, arrival times, equipment needs and if they have any questions. The vendor notes will be reflected in an updated timeline and floorplan as well and confirmed one week prior to the wedding. They will also confirm all final payments have been made or are prepared for the day of the wedding and ensure your wedding vendors know to contact the Coordination team rather than you or the bridal party the day of the wedding.

Expect an experienced Month of Wedding Coordinator to spend about 12-18 hours working on your wedding the month prior to your wedding day. Your coordination team will also generally arrive two to three hours prior to the ceremony on the wedding day itself to set up décor, ensure vendor arrivals, and solve any unforeseen issues that may arise. They are onsite throughout the wedding and leave towards the end of vendor breakdown at the end of the event, this can sometimes be upwards of 10 hours. Your Coordinator will pass out any remaining final payments and or gratuities, and ensure your personal décor items, gifts etc. are safely sent home with your friends or family.

The hours your Coordinator and Coordination team spend working the month prior to your wedding ensure that your team has a full plan for the day of the wedding that includes every detail you can think of, plus some you can’t. This month is crucial in coordinating a successful wedding and an amazing time for you, your family and your friends.


Your Coordinator is likely very experienced. However, they aren’t miracle workers and can’t prepare to the fullest if you have not provided them with all of the information they need. This means keeping all your wedding documents up to date, with the most current vendor notes, contracts, special requests, etc. The more up to date your wedding information is, the better your Coordinator is too!

Some Coordinators allow you to turn over your wedding planning the month prior to the wedding in any format you may have, ie. Word docs, the Knot, Spreadsheets, etc. However, the Penny Blooms Coordination team works with you directly using Aisle Planner software throughout your planning process. This allows us to check in on your wedding planning progress, easily answer any planning questions you may have, add notes for the coordination team in as you plan and when the Month of package starts we are fully versed on your wedding without any hassle for you at all.

Letting go of planning can be challenging for some couples. We totally get it, for some wedding planning is a huge project that they have full control over for months and handing all that over to a coordinator can be hard. However, the more control you pass along to your coordination team the better your day will be. Think of it as a wedding gift to yourself. Knowing someone else is managing your day of wedding needs and logistics means you get to truly enjoy your day and celebrate to the fullest!

Don’t surprise your wedding Coordinator with a ton of DIY or special décor items. Give them a comprehensive list of your décor and where you would like it all to go at least a week before the wedding. This gives your coordinator time to review everything, ensure they will have the time and staff to execute your vision and ask you any questions. There is nothing worse for a well-prepared Coordinator than finding out they are understaffed or ill prepared for the décor vision you had in mind. Once again, the more your coordinator knows the better they are and the better your day is!

Penny Blooms Weddings and Events no longer offers Day of Wedding Coordination. We now offer a comprehensive Month of Wedding Coordination package that we feel better accommodates our clients’ needs. No matter what service you think is best for your wedding day, we encourage you hire a professional coordinator to ease the stress of planning and make your day amazing. We hope this was helpful in taking the guess work out of choosing a Day of Wedding Coordinator or a Month of Wedding Coordinator.

By: Desiree Logue Champagne   Owner, Lead Coordinator   Penny Blooms Weddings and Events

By: Desiree Logue Champagne

Owner, Lead Coordinator

Penny Blooms Weddings and Events