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Penny Blooms Weddings and Events is a wedding Planner, Coordinator, Day of Coordinator and Wedding Stylist from San Diego servicing weddings throughout the local area and abroad, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Mexico and France. Penny Blooms Weddings and Events is a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, Day of Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Stylist professional that has been part of the wedding industry since 2007 specializing in Wedding planning, Wedding Coordinating, Day of Wedding Coordinating and Wedding Styling and Art Installations.



FAQ DISCLAIMER: We keep it real. This is a no BS zone and we do not lie about anything. If we think something is ridiculous we will always tell you. Also, if something is really rad you we will let you know! 


Day of coordination is far more than just the day of your wedding. In fact, the Penny Blooms Day of package starts one month prior to the day of your wedding. We start with getting a TON of information when you book with us and we begin making your timeline, getting your vendor info and working out the logistics, pick up your personal items a few weeks before and coordinate your rehearsal the day before your wedding. The month of your wedding we are in touch with all of your vendors to ensure nothing is missed. Basically we cannot give you partial service for the day of the wedding without sacrificing service and your happiness. After all the point of hiring a coordinator is to make your day amazing! 


Nope. I only refer vendors that I would actually hire myself. I also tailor my referral lists to each client and their needs. Not all vendors are right for every client and vice versa. 

"do i actually need to tip all the vendors?"

Well no, if you are not happy then don't. But if you are happy with your wedding and the service that you have then yes, of course! Your vendors work hard to make your day amazing and generally ensure that tons of little things are taken care without you even noticing. 

If you are unsure of who to tip and how much we will provide a comprehensive tipping guide for you! 

NOTE: Some wedding resources suggest not tipping business owners. This is an old school policy that really does not apply in our current economy and almost all wedding businesses are small independently owned and operated. If the owner is the person doing the actual work at the wedding then tip them! 

Hell yeah! We have planned and coordinated gay, queer and transgender weddings. We believe strongly that love is love and that gender norms are not the issue, your badass wedding is. 

We also only refer vendors who are also LGBTQ friendly. Because why the hell would we refer someone who isn't?!

"do you coordinate weddings for lgbtq couples?"


I am a recovering wedding florist with over 20 years experience. I started planning weddings in early 2005. For years I did both and recently stopped offering florals. I love planning and find it far more fufilling! 

"Wait, didn't you used to offer florals?"

Yep! But now we don't. We love florals but we are lucky enough to be in a city/region that has some awesome floral talent. Let us know if you need any recommendations, we will send you a list of our all time faves in the area. 

Wait, what?! You need someone to come set up your wedding but not coordinate or plan?! Nope. That is not a service we offer. We also recommend not asking a friend or family member to do this. It is not worth breaking up with a close friend over wedding details. Just hire a pro to do their job to their fullest and you will enjoy your day to the fullest! 

"Can you set up my wedding for me?"


"Can you plug in this iphone and play music?We really don't want a dj and no one will be dancing."

I am not a DJ. I mean it would be cool if I were, but alas I do not have the proper equipment or most importantly the skills.

If you aren't planning on dancing, but still want music then please hire a DJ. You need professionals on your day to ensure outlets aren't over stressed, songs actually get played, no batteries die and so much more. You will likely need a microphone for speeches or someone to politely         remind guests not to smoke or that it is last call. Trust me you need a DJ.      If  you are wary of cheesy DJ's then don't hire a cheesy one. There are     plenty of rad DJ's who do just as much as you want or need and keep the    vibe exactly how you want it. 

Yes! We have a comprehensive policy that meets all of the standards that Southern California venues require and we are happy to share a copy with you and your venue once hired. 

"Are you insured?"

Well tons. If you are curious if we have worked at a venue before just ask!

New venues are always popping up and we are happy to work them all. We do have a few venues in the area that we prefer not to work at, generally due to challenging logistics or set up times. However, we are always willing to work challenging places for rad couples. 

If you are on the fence about a venue let us know. We are happy to give you honest feed back and let you know the pro's and con's and what will work best for you and your wedding. 

"what venues have you worked at? and will you work at the one i just booked?" 

That is awesome! But we know our limits. Events that are longer than one day just aren't our jam. We love to give you awesome service, but we know we can't if we are exhausted and running on empty. 

Most of our weddings and events are in the 40-200 guest range. We sometimes have bigger weddings, but that is our sweet spot. 

We also know some badass local planners who can help coordinate all your fans and your multiple days of fun. So if this is what you want let us know and we will point you in the right direction. 

"I want a three day wedding gala with 500 of my closest friends."